Samsung’s new portable SSD T5 USB-C is alive – and faster!

ITWire link 16 August 2017 Written by Alex Zaharov-Reutt

South Australian firm Myriota wins award at IoT summit in California
ITWire link by Sam Varghese

Alex Grant.

New branding by Microchip on the range of Atmel microcontrollers. Visit Microchip/Atmel

15th March 2016 – Posted by Eric S. Clarke

Weebit Nano debuts on ASX, claims its technology will make flash memory ‘obsolete’: Read article

4th August 2016 – Written by  Peter Dinham 

M-Disc optical media reviewed: Your data, good for a thousand years: Read article

News March 2016
Ray Tomlinson, inventor of the contemporary email system, recently died of a heart attack at the age 74. In 1971, Tomlinson developed a system for sending electronic messages between computers on different host networks.

WD/HGST ships world’s first 10TB helium filled drive   By   (iTWire News)  Ray Shaw
10TB helium filled drive
Li-Fi – 100 times faster than Wi-Fi
02 December 2015  By   (iTWire News)  Ray Shaw

Li-Fi uses visible light communications (VLC) emitted by LED lights to transmit Internet Protocol 802.11 at up to 100 times faster than Wi-Fi – it is not commercialised yet.

Want a custom-built Raspberry Pi? Firms get to bake their own  October 27, 2015
Seagate has announced three 8TB hard drives 03 September 2015 (iTWire News) by Stephen Withers
Seagate Kinetic hard drive eliminates storage servers
 06 November 2014  (iTWire News) by Stephen Withers
Seagate Kinetic hard drive eliminates storage servers
WD Black Hard Disk Drive new 6TB version. 21 August 2015 (iTWire News) by Stephen Withers
Adelaide – MIMP supplies HS broadband to Kangaroo Island
18 August 2015 (iTWire News) By 
MIMP CEO Allan Aitchison
MIMP CEO Allan Aitchison
48 layer, 3D memory 12 August 2015  (iTWire News) By  Ray Shaw

URGENT: Update your Firefox browser NOW
10/08/2015 (iTWire News) by  Alex Zaharov-Reutt
Update to Firefox 39.0.3, Firefox OS 2.2 (on Firefox phones) and Firefox ESR 38.1.1, will fix the vulnerability.
Windows 10 release set for 29th July 2015
13/07/2015 (iTWire News)  by  Alex Zaharov-Reutt
Nokia Networks using drones in Dubai
08/07/2015 (iTWire News) by 
Nokia drone
Netflix traffic swamping the Oz internet 07/07/2015  (iTWire News) by 
North America runs out of IPv4 addresses  02/07/2015  (iTWire News) by


Arduino and Seeedstudio announce partnership in Shenzhen  Source: (

Zoe Romano June 20, 2015

Today, June 20th, 2015, Massimo Banzi, Co-founder of Arduino, and Eric Pan, founder and CEO of Seeedstudio announced at Maker Faire Shenzhen 2015 a strategic partnership between Arduino LLC and Seeedstudio.

Seeedstudio will manufacture and distribute Arduino LLC products using the new Genuino brand in China and other Asian markets. To see more – Arduino / Seeedstudio partnership

WiFi Dongle for Raspberry Pi Pi WiFi dongle from Element 14