Meetings held at the WEA “Cottage B” 223 Angas St Adelaide starting at 7:00pm. Display location.


Friday the 13th of July 2018                                    Contact SAMG using form page

Last month we had a “Suggestion Box” entry requesting a tutorial on JavaScript, (not to be confused with the Java language). Anyone interested in learning JS (JavaScript), please bring along a USB stick with enough room ( 1GB or more free space will be enough) to contain a 6.5 hour long video on JS. We will be presenting a tutorial in the near future. Also a 3.5 minute video on 3D metal printers will be shown.

Friday the 8th of June 2018

A 16 minute video on the future of SBCs (Single Board Computers) was run before Adam’s presentation.

Adam Webb then gave us a very in-depth tutorial on programming an Arduino Atmega 2560 microcontroller.

Simple real time microcontroller programming by Adam Webb

Ever needed to write some ‘real time’ code and started out and ended up in a tangle?

Real time, as in check a few buttons for user control, monitor a few analogue inputs and change various outputs as appropriate. Perhaps also check for incoming serial data. With some things needing to happen for a set time or after a set delay has elapsed – e.g. when movement is detected, sound the buzzer for 5 seconds (but stop sounding it if a button is pressed).

Its all quite easily possible – without interrupts, and with readable, maintainable, non-tangled code!

Demo code was shown in C for an Arduino Mega, but the technique is applicable to all languages and platforms, from the smallest to the largest.

Friday the 11th of May 2018

Adam Webb was to give a talk this evening but has postponed the presentation until the June meeting.

Instead we had a brilliant presentation by Cliff Shira on using the ESP8266 as a web server.

Friday the 13th of April 2018

April’s meeting included a “Bring Your Own Project” or work in progress and or requiring help with a problem. Amongst other projects demonstrated was a 68000 processor setup by David Zerk and an Atmega 2560 based PLC module to be installed by Adam Webb in Northern S.A. This evening also included Peter Gheude’s 3D printer progression and the carry over from March’s Part 2 of “The Arduino IDE and coding in C” by Eric Clarke.


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