Meetings are held at the WEA “Cottage B” 223 Angas St Adelaide on the second Friday of each month starting at 7:30pm. Display location.  
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2018-10-12 October Meeting Agenda

At recent meetings, several members suggested that we revisit the ATMega328 microcontroller as there are possible issues with software and communications. Due to Windows updates there are changes when loading software into Windows 10. We will be revisiting the installation.

  • Please bring your laptop, little 328 Development board, USBAsp and we will play.
  • You may have alternative programmers and development boards which will be of interest to everyone so please bring them along.
  • Cliff will revisit “fuses” at a basic level.
  • If you want, bring along any projects, even if they are not completed.
  • Future projects and purchases

2018-09-14 September Meeting Agenda

  • SAMG website – content – presentation and layout – improvements – member projects
  • Reflecting on the past few years – what did you enjoy – what would you like to see more of -ESP8266 –ESP32 –STM –R/Pi – Pine64 -UDOO –PIC –Bus Pirate -Saleae
  • What are your personal projects – what projects would you like to participate in either individually or as a group
  • It has been suggested that we revive the ATMega328 – Yes back to basics – members thoughts and ATMega328 projects
  • Lapel microphone. Webcam for online video.
  • Move of SAMG start time to 7:30pm
  • Presentation on PCB manufacture – Cliff Shirra
  • Member Ad hock presentations

2018-08-10 August meeting

SAMG Special General Meeting to be held at 8 pm 10th August 2018 at WEA Cottage Angus Street

After the Special General Meeting, Peter Gheude will present an introduction to high precision AC Servo Motors and their associated encoders.

We have some examples of the high torque and precision devices which are used in CNC machines and robotics.

Our Special Guest for this evening is Peter Rosenthal who will bring along some items for demonstration.

If anyone  has related items or examples please bring them along as well.

Before the SGM, Peter Gheude will be collecting membership fees of $10, for the year February 2019 – 20.

From Peter Gheude:
I am calling a special general meeting for the 10th of August to elect an interim Chairman until our next AGM when all positions will become vacant.
We have been privileged to have Eric Clarke as our Chairman for the last few years. Unfortunately he has been compelled to resign as Chairman of the South Australian Microprocessor Group.
His outstanding contribution must be applauded. He has performed the Chairman’s role, reworked our website, and shared his electronics and microprocessor expertise with everyone.
We have all been personally enriched by association with him, and our group has greatly benefited as well.

As Secretary, I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him over this period.

I would like to sincerely thank Eric for generously sharing his time with us.

The role of the SAMG Chairman is to;

  1. chair or preside over the committee,  general or special meetings
  2. produce the agendas assisted by the secretary and membership
  3. head the committee in making decisions for the benefit of the group
  4. disciplinary matters and settling disputes amongst membership
  5. lead group in terms of strategic short and longer term planning
  6. manage SAMG affairs by always seeking collaboration
  7. consult and delegate by consensus, special roles to the committee and membership

Peter Gheude – Secretary SAMG

31st July 2018

2018-07-15 Hi all, from Graeme Wilson. I have taken over the administration of the website.

Friday the 13th of July 2018                                  

Wayne Zierke reviewed his Tronxy X5S 3D printer progress. He has been addressing a few of it’s shortcomings in different ways to what Peter has been doing with his, with varied results. He had a few show-and-tell electronic items related to that, and for the main presentation he ran through a photo collection of the printer and bits, and talked about the items seen in them.

Peter Gheude gave an overview of the LNK304-306 IC and his plans for producing a milliohm meter schematic to add on to the Atmel 328P component tester.

Last month we had a “Suggestion Box” entry requesting a tutorial on JavaScript, (not to be confused with the Java language). Anyone interested in learning JS (JavaScript), please bring along a USB stick with enough room ( 1GB or more free space will be enough) to contain a 6.5 hour long video on JS. We will be presenting a tutorial in the near future. Also a 3.5 minute video on 3D metal printers will be shown.

Friday the 8th of June 2018

A 16 minute video on the future of SBCs (Single Board Computers) was run before Adam’s presentation.

Adam Webb then gave us a very in-depth tutorial on programming an Arduino Atmega 2560 microcontroller.

Simple real time microcontroller programming by Adam Webb

Ever needed to write some ‘real time’ code and started out and ended up in a tangle?

Real time, as in check a few buttons for user control, monitor a few analogue inputs and change various outputs as appropriate. Perhaps also check for incoming serial data. With some things needing to happen for a set time or after a set delay has elapsed – e.g. when movement is detected, sound the buzzer for 5 seconds (but stop sounding it if a button is pressed).

Its all quite easily possible – without interrupts, and with readable, maintainable, non-tangled code!

Demo code was shown in C for an Arduino Mega, but the technique is applicable to all languages and platforms, from the smallest to the largest.


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