Meetings are held at the WEA “Cottage B” 223 Angas St Adelaide on the second Friday of each month starting at 7:30pm. Display location.  
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Agenda for SAMG meeting Friday 8th of February 2019 at 7:30pm

    1. A brief recap of Eric Clarke’s past association with the SAMG (he was laid to rest at 11.00am on the 22/01/2018). Anyone wishing to contribute to this is most welcome.
    2. Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held. Committee nominations and voting will take place. All the normal stuff that goes with the AGM will occur. And if time permits……
    3. Darren will do a presentation on his repro Commodore badging.
    4. Colin will do a presentation on various aspects of our fabulous NBN.
    5. Chris will demonstrate what he has done with his TFT LCD (Cliff is probably going to be shamed!).
    6. Possible firming up of our future project/s.
    7. Ad Hock presentations.


Meeting Proceedings for 11th of January 2018

The group all pondered new projects that could be undertaken over the next couple of months. Several suggestions were put forward. Wayne suggested the simple control of a stepper motor via a joystick. This would demonstrate the concept of analogue to digital control. Cliff did a short demonstration of mapping characters to the TFT LCD screen. He has mentioned (again) the code will be put on our website. The concept of diodes for reverse polarity protection was discussed. Rick, and others,  suggested it would be better to use FET’s instead as they have lower on resistance and lower revers current flow. Cliff has decided that the use of a p-channel MOSFET in his project is the better and more robust solution. 1 resistor and 1 zener diode along with the MOSFET should satisfy his project needs. Peter demonstrated how the PINE64 can write to a port pin to flash it on and off. Peter implemented a “script” that flashed the SOS message via the LED. More tuition is required in the LINUX environment which hopefully will be done by some of our members. Our component tester project can be wrapped up. A few of our members contributions has finally paid off. We examined the code for the tester and “turned on” the ability for Zener testing as well. Peter sourced a DC pump that boosted the 9 volts to 50 volts so a larger range of Zener diodes can be tested.

Agenda for SAMG meeting Friday 11th of January 2019 at 7:30pm

  1. Group discussion on a new (yes a new) electronic project that people may be interested in doing. The aim is to select something that people would be really interested in completing based on cost, amount of time to complete and usefulness. Hopefully a micro-controller will be considered. Possibly we should consider the ESP8266, ESP32 that has bluetooth, wireless etc.
  2. Cliff will demonstrate the stage he is up to on his TFT LCD “project”
  3. Also there will be a discussion on the use of diodes to protect circuits against reverse polarity connections.
  4. Peter will demonstrate writing to ports on the Pine64 (we can see our single board computer finally flashing a LED)
  5. Further discussion and examination on our component tester project.
  6. Ad hock presentations. Please.

Meeting Proceedings for 14th of December 2018

Not all SAMG members were available for a midweek BBQ, however several were looking forward to attending a combined SAMG/PIC User Group/Adelaide Microcontroller Group BBQ set for Tuesday the 18th December at the Buttery Sports Ground Norwood.

Cliff had been working on interfacing a colour TFT LCD utilising the ST7735 chipset to the ATMega328p.   He stepped us though code he had compiled and the reasons for his method selection.  There was much analysis on the displays performance and methods of interface.   He plans to do more on this project and upload the code to the projects section of the SAMG Website.

This is the same display as used with component tester project.

Peter had previously distributed the schematic and source for the Component Tester he had previously traced out and suggested several modifications for discussion at this meeting.  Lots of ideas were bandied about and all yet to be tested.  The source was compiled using a Makefile with AVR-GCC within a Bash Terminal window. He had also installed Code::Blocks and Geany IDEs on a Pine64 running a 64 bit ARM version of Ubuntu which was used to compile the “Trendy” version of the component tester source.

David had taken a different approach using the latest “generic version” of the component tester source with Atmel Studio 7 installed on Windows 10.

David, Kevin and Peter shared notes on progress with the project so far which included flashing the microcontroller with the USBAsp and setting the fuses on the ATMega328p.

A fun evening was had by all.

Agenda for SAMG meeting Friday 14th of Dec 2018 at 7:30pm

  1. Discussion on combined SAMG/Pic User Group/Adelaide Microcontroller Group BBQ on Tuesday the 18th December at the Croquet/Bowls Club at 259 Portrush Rd, Norwood.
    (The Buttery Sports Ground and Porcelain Art Centre)
    Payment for BBQ for those attending please.
  2. Steps for interfacing the Jaycar XC4629 LCD incorporating the ST7735 chipset with a ATMega328p by Cliff Shirra.
  3. Open discussion on the Component Tester.
  4. Ad Hock presentations as submitted.

Meeting Proceedings for 9th November 2018

End of year Barbeque was discussed and it was agreed that we have a combined BBQ at the Croquet Club 259 Portrush road Norwood.  Start time 6:30 pm
Rick M presented Part 1-An introduction to the evolution and flavours of Linux.
We are looking forward to further presentations on Linux.
A Steering Committee was formed and David and Kevin will investigate the purchase of a Mic and Video Camera and will report back on their findings.
Cliff Shirra gave a short presentation of the ATMega328p USART in SPI mode.


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